Accion Fraterna – Covid-19 relief activity for AGEEWA Cluster by supporting 561 Vegetable Kits and Sanitary Kits in Dharmavaram mandal on 24.04.2020

AF team prepared total 561 Packets with fresh  vegetables ( Onion, Tamatoo, Bringle, Green Chili, Cabbage etc.)  to distribute the SMG beneficiaries.

All these preparatory  works done at Ravulacheruvu RDT School, Dharmavaram Mandal   along with Boomatha FPO Directors ( Venkata Laxmi {NRK Kottala}; Savithramma, Aruna {Ravula Cheruvu}; Bharathamma { Dharmapuri} as well as local  SMG leaders &  Members

Sanitary Kits ( Face masks, soap and Handout of Covid-19 Preventive  Measures)   also distributed  along with ‘Vegetable Kits’  with participatory  decisions  of Boomatha FPO Directors.

Ravulacheruvu :-  Savithramma, Aruna distributed to 188 SMG beneficiaries.

NRK Kottala  :- Venkata Laxmi distributed  to  17 SMG  beneficiaries.

C. Bathapalli :- Lakshmi Devi distributed  to  43 SMG  beneficiaries.

Dharmapuri :- Govindhamma and  Bharathamma distributed  to  158 SMG  beneficiaries.

Pothulanagepalli :-  Lakshmi Devi, distributed  to  85 SMG  beneficiaries.

Thumparthi :-  Laxmi distributed  to 70 SMG beneficiaries

AF  team members; Mr. Rajashaker (CB&ID Coordinator )  Ms.Sujatha (PME Team Leader) Eswara rao (Asso.PME); Lakshmanna  (Mandal Team Leader); Vikram Manipal Reddy ( AGEEWA  C.C), Bramhaiah ( S.T.O)  had participated in this activity. 

All Sasya Mithra members  expressed  their gratitude  towards  AF Ecology  Centre for this  unforgettable  support in such severe crisis. 

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