Our three most valuable assets:

AF has acquired three most valuable assets through its meaningful work and a long history of about 40 years. They are 

  1. its Human Resources who are committed and competent 
  2. its credibility with people with whom it works in particular and the public in general 
  3. its reputation with Government Agencies for its result oriented work with people as well as its contribution to people centred policy making in the sectors of NRM, Sustainable Agriculture poverty alleviation, gender, social equity etc.

Our Human Resources:

AF – Ecology Centre has about 75 committed, trained and experienced personnel. About 25 of them are women.

Our Core Team:

It has a Core Team of about 12 committed competent and experienced persons. They are senior professionals, well trained with rich hands on experience. Their rich expertise includes Participatory Watershed Development, Sustainable Agriculture, Alternate Livelihoods, Policy Advocacy, Gender, PME, Organization Development, Personnel Management, Participatory Approaches, Leadership Development, CBO formation, Capacity Building.

Our Grassroot Organisers:

It has about 40 Committed Socio Technical Organisers at grassroot level. They were originally rural educated youth, recruited and trained. And many have a long field experience by now. Their training and experience include CBO formation and capacity building, participatory planning and implementation, community organisation and consensus decision-making, conflict resolution in communities, promoting community leadership etc.

Their technical training and experience include a variety of watershed development skills like Soil and Moisture Conservation, Rain Water Harvesting, Horticulture, Rainfed Agronomical Practices, Sustainable Agriculture, Bio-diversity, Crop-diversity, Bio-Pest Management Bio-fertilizers like composting, liquid fertilizers, Alternate Livelihoods for Women and Youth etc.

Support Staff

There are about 12 staff members working in accounts, administration, campus management, catering and guest accommodation.