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Case Studies

Watershed Development - A Oasis

Women in the Driver’s Seat

Protective Irrigation-- Raising Hope

Mutual Cooperation - Many Hands Make Light Work

Livelihood Loans – A Lifeline for Women!

Gamanam  - Journey of Women Empowerment!

Biogas Brings Smiles!

"Shared Waters Smart Waters" - Sanapa Village

Watershed Program- Contributing to drought mitigation in Anantapur District

Water scarcity – An ever grappling issue for the villages of Anantapuram district

Muttala Village gets Purified water supply

A 70 year old couple become owners of a Fruit orchard

Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture - Ramanjineyulu sets an Example

Case study on Impact of Jeevamritham in Chilli crop

Case study on Influence of ZBNF Training (Basmati SRI)

Cost of cultivation reduced with practice of LEISA

Earning Income through selling vegetables from Kitchen Garden

Farmers of Thammaiah Doddi village shift their farming practices from HEIDA to LEISA

Food and nutrition security ensured with millets and pulses crops

GS Venkatesh a SA farmer competes with conventional farmer

Impact of AFs Programmes - A Case study

Impact of Multiple & Diversified Cropping Models

Nutritional Security and additional income from Kitchen Garden

Prabhakar becomes a Driver and supports his family


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