• Vision
  • Mission
  • Dharma
  • Corevalues

All people in rural areas lead a respectable and decent life with economic security, social equity, gender equity and human dignity, in an atmosphere of democracy, peace, cooperation and community support.
And all people and institutional live as Trustees of Mother Earth and follow a culture of ‘simple living’ and ethics of conservation. Thus People and Nature live in harmony with each other showing due care for sustainable ecology, environment and bio-diversity.

We are committed to free poor farmers from drought, poverty and distress; working a) through their organisations with emphasis on women and youth and b) promoting ecological farming and drought mitigation c) diversification of livelihoods with off-farm, non-farm and skill based employment / self-employment.

AF's guiding principles and code of conduct for itself and its staff:

  • Concern for others
  • Work beyond duty
  • Pursuit of excellence in work
  • Reaching as many needy people as possible
  1. Basic human values of compassion, concern, honesty, hard work, sincerity.
    • AF commits to practice and promote the basic human values of love, compassion, concern, honesty, hard work and sincerity driven by its Vision, Mission and Dharma.
  2. Social Equality and Gender Sensitivity
    • AF believes in social equality and are particularly committed to equality, respect and human dignity of women, the disadvantaged and the poor. AF is also committed to being socially equitable and gender-sensitive both within AF and in all its programs and interactions with people.
  3. Concern for Sustainable environment
    • AF ensures that all its policies and programmes adhere to the considerations of sustainability, biodiversity and ecological balance.
  4. Influencing Government policies and programmes
    • AF is committed to influencing Government policies and programmes for maximizing their impact in favour of the poor, disadvantaged and environment.
  5. Pursuit of highest quality in work
  6. Relevant and learning
    • AF is committed to being a relevant and learning organisation through participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation; and being open to new ideas, concepts and change which are likely to improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged.
  7. Participation and Team work
    • AF is committed to the ethos of Participation and Teamwork and these will be central in its work, within the organisation and with people.
  8. Transparent and Accountable
    • AF is committed to transparency and being accountable to all our stakeholders.