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The Founders

Father Vincent Ferrer & Mrs Anne Ferrer were the founders of Rural Development Trust (in 1969) and Accion Fraterna (in 1982).  Accion Fraterna (AF) is a sister organization of Rural Development Trust (RDT).  RDT is a well-known NGO in the country working on multisectoral development programmes with its main focus on dalits, tribals, women, the physically & mentally challenged and other backward and disadvantaged communities. Its programmes covers sectors like horticulture, agriculture, rainwater harvesting and rural infrastructure. Accion Fraterna focuses on sustainable agriculture, watershed development, non-farm employment, ecology and environmental issues. 


Late Father Vincent Ferrer (1920-2009) and Mrs. Anne Ferrer are well-known social workers in India. Father Ferrer was born in Spain in 1920 and came to India in 1952. Mrs. Ferrer was born in UK came to India in 1964.
They have relentlessly worked on issues of poverty and underdevelopment in India. They founded Rural Development Trust (RDT) in 1969, after moving to Anantapur from Maharashtra, where Father began his work in the mid-60s.
Their belief has been that voluntary organizations should serve the poor without being subservient to any one single ideology. They integrated various conventional ideologies and approaches with their own development philosophy and practices.
Father Ferrer received many International Awards, including the prestigious Principe de Astuias de concorde (Prince of Spain Award for Peace and Development), and two honorary doctorates. Father Ferrer died on 19-06-2009 at the age of 89. Their son, Moncho Ferrer, continues their work since then. 


Some of his prominent quotes:

“Concern for others”

“Why do I need to search for the truth when any single good action contains in it all the philosophies, all the ideologies and all the religions”

“We are here to relieve suffering to fight poverty and injustice. This is our purpose.  This is the meaning of our life.  The answer to who we are, for what and why we are here”.

“A Man is not a Man if he is not a brother.  A Brother is the one who does an Action for Another”


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