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Accion Fraterna (AF Ecology Centre)

Accion Fraterna (AF), also called AF Ecology Centre, is registered as a Trust under Indian Registration Act and founded by Father Vincent Ferrer in 1982. 

It is actively involved in people’s empowerment through natural resources management (NRM), watershed development, drought management, environmental development and policy advocacy. 

AF has made a substantial contribution to Anantapur district since 1986 with its Participatory Watershed Development Programme. It is perhaps the largest of such a programme implemented by an NGO in India. It reached out to over 300 villages, covering about 1.35 lakh ha of farm land and helped over 60,000 farmers. 

The major interventions under the watershed programme included soil and moisture conservation, rain water harvesting, farm forestry, horticulture, rainfed agronomical practices, bio-gas and People’s Institutions Development. 

AF is known for its participatory approach and very high quality of work in medium to large scale watershed development. It has also made a significant contribution in creating a favourable and enabling policy conditions for a people-centered watershed development in the State of Andhra Pradesh. It has been actively involved at the policy level with various policy making bodies like Andhra Pradesh Water Conservation Mission, Andhra Pradesh State Commission on Farmers Welfare, and Advisory Committee on Watershed Development Programme of Andhra Pradesh. Further, AF has been actively involved in various consultations of the Ministry of Rural Development at national level.

AF has undergone several evolutions through the years, in its approaches as well as different phases. 

See: AF Evolution Timeline


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